Coronavirus Crisis: This is America - A not-so-happy Thanksgiving

But first, race and justice news we’re watching

Important news from the past week, from USA TODAY and other news sources.

  • Racism is a declared public health issue in 145 cities and counties across 27 states. Now what happens?
  • Benjamin Crump demands justice after a Florida deputy shot two Black teens. Here’s what we know
  • Grammy nominations show Recording Academy has made progress on diversity goals — but not enough
  • On 88 acres of self-governed land in Tennessee, a dream deferred for Choctaw people comes true

It’s time to flip the script on Thanksgiving

I am not Native American myself, but I recently had the opportunity to speak to several members of the Mashpee and Herring Pond Wampanoag tribes as part of a project examining the Plymouth Thanksgiving’s history and legacy.

What’s the harm in continuing to repeat and teach this myth?

On identity:

What do you wish people knew about this false history and the impact it had on your people?

‘We weren’t savages’:

What do you want people to know about the Wampanoag people today?

On resiliency:

Despite this year’s reckonings, including the Black Lives Matter movement and Confederate monuments, the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving have largely been left unquestioned. Is it time to examine America’s original myth through the lens of 2020?

“It’s time to start that. But, you can’t just wipe away that part of history. Even though it’s inaccurate, we can’t just bury it. There’s places where those things (statues, memorials) do belong, as a point that we don’t ever make that mistake again. I think the way forward is to understand history the way it happened. At that point, it really changes your perspective.” — Steven Peters



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